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Auroflex is a hydrophilic aspheric lens made of P-HEMA material which is 25% water content material.


Product features:

  • Dual Haptics
  • Greater stability due to larger contact area
  • Incision size of 2.8mm
  • Optimized centre thickness
  • Zero degree angulation facilitates error free implantation
  • 25% water content material
  • Better mechanical property
Product Specifications
Model Number FH 5600SQ
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Optic Design Equiconvex
Overall Length 12.00 mm
A Constant 118.0 ( Optical) and 117.8 (Ultrasound)
Dioptre Range -5D to +40D { -5D to +10D and +30D to +40D in 1D increment, from +10D to +30D in 0.5D increment)
Delivery System Packed with AC28-DI100

Aurolab introduced disposable delivery system which has a proven track record of hassle free and smooth lens delivery system.

Material Characteristics
Hydrophilic Auroflex
Injector Disposable
Injector Cartridge –Ref C200  DI100
Incision Size 2.2mm (Through wound assisting technique)
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