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Auroflex EV

Auroflex EV is a negative aspheric hydrophilic acrylic foldable intraocular lens made of p-HEMA material which is a polymer that forms hydro gel in water, is mainly designed to correct the corneal aberration during cataract surgery and provide enhanced vision.


Product features:

  • Anterior spherical and posterior aspheric optic
  • Optically designed to compensate the average corneal SA of majority of human population
  • A negative spherical aberration of -0.15 is allowed to:
    • Suit cornea of majority of the global population
    • Imitate results of the young natural crystalline lens
    • Provide enhanced depth of focus & contrast sensitivity
    • Better performance of visual acuity during mesopic and scotopic conditions
  • Can withstand a tilt of 10 degree and decentration of 1.0mm
  • Truedge technology to prevent PCO
  • Anterior round edged polishing to avoid glares
  • Dual haptic design ensures better stability and centration

MTF comparison of Aspheric IOLs and Standard spherical IOLs. Analysis shows that the IOL functions, similar to the standard spherical IOLs when tilted or decentered beyond tolerances.


The illustration shows that the longitudinal spherical aberration is least with negative aberration aspheric IOLs. This results in better contrast sensitivity than standard spherical IOLs and zero spherical aberration IOLs.

Product Specifications
Model Number FH5600AS
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Optic Design Posterior Aspheric (Negative Aberration)
Overall Length 12.00 mm
Haptics Design Dual Haptic
Edge 360° Posterior square edge
Angulation Zero Degree Angulation
A Constant 118.0
ACD 5 mm
Diopter Range 10.0 D to 30.0 D
15.0 to 25.0 in 0.5 D steps
Delivery System Disposable Injector and Cartridge
Material Characteristics
Lens Material UV Absorbing p-HEMA with proven clinical performance
Refractive Index 1.460


Supplied with the disposable delivery system.

Disposable Delivery System



Aurolab introduced disposable delivery system which has a proven track record of hassle free and smooth lens delivery system.

Injector Disposable
Injector cartridge ref AC28 - DI100
Incision size 2.8mm



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