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Auroflex EV Gold

Auroflex EV Gold is a hydrophilic negative aberrated IOL made of pHEMA polymer containing 25% water content (imported from USA). This is the first IOL material to incorporate the UV-A blocking and violet light filtering chromophore similar to natural lens.

Auroflex EV Gold mimics the natural lens in colour and transmission properties, protects Retina and maintains colour contrast


Product Features

  • Yellow chromophore material blocks-off UV and harmful blue light thereby protecting the retina
  • Maintains good colour perception
  • Aspheric negative aberrated optic compensates for corneal spherical aberration
  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity and depth of focus in mesopic condition
  • Dual Haptic design ensures better centration and stability inside the bag
  • Fenestrations to enable fibrosis development for better fixation towards the capsule
  • 360° posterior square edge for effective prevention of PCO
  • Superior mechanical properties (flexibility) that allow implantation through 2.2mm-2.8mm incisions

Transmittance Graph

Transmittance Auroflex EV Gold Natural Lens
10 % 410 nm 400 nm
50 % 420 nm 415 nm
80 % 440 nm 430 nm

Light of wavelength 400nm-420nm (Violet-Blue Light) is harmful to our retina. Our natural crystalline lens blocks visible light of this particular wavelength and protects the retina.

Auroflex EV Gold provides protection akin to that of the natural lens, from harmful blue light and minimizes macular degeneration.

Technical Specification:

Design Characteristics
Model Number FH560ASY
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Overall Length 12.00 mm
Optic Design Aspheric (Negative Aberration)
Haptics Design Dual Haptic
Angulation 0° Angulation
Optic Edge 360° Posterior Square Edge
A Constant 118.0 (Optical)
117.8 (Ultra sound)
ACD Value 5.0 mm
Diopter Range 10.0 to 15 in 1.0 D increment
15.0 to 25.0 in 0.5 D increment
26.0 to 30.0 in 1.0 D increment
Delivery System Disposable Injector and Cartridge
Material Characteristics
Lens Material UV Absorbing p-HEMA with yellow chromophorec
UV Cut off < 2% 410 nm
Light Transmittance More than 90%
Refractive Index 1.46
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