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Through the proficiency in manufacturing cataract surgical products, Aurolab introduced Aurokit - Customizable cataract surgery kit. A unit of Aurokit consists of all Pre operative, Intra operative and Post operative consumables for five surgeries (ECCE / SICS). Without compromising on quality, Aurokit makes planned camp surgeries and daily surgeries easier through increasing the efficiency of surgical team, reducing inventory and cost.


Product features:

Aurokit content:

  • Pre-operative.
    • Antibiotic eye drops.
    • Mydriatics eye drops.
    • Intra-operative
  • Intra-operative.
    • Eye Drops / Eye Pad / Eye shield / Cannula.
    • Sutures/Blades set.
    • IOLs / Surgical adjuncts.
    • Ophthalmic dyes / Anaesthetics.
    • Intraocular injections


  • One stop purchase for Cataract surgery.
  • Customized pack reduces the cost of Cataract surgery.
  • Procedure-specific consumables suit different cataract procedures.
  • Increases efficiency of surgical team.
  • Best suited for Camp activities / Daily surgeries.
  • Reduces the wastage and spillover of consumables.
  • Easy budget planning and control on inventory
  • Products in Aurokit are of high quality and most of them (IOLs, Suture Needles, Tryphan blue and HPMC) have prestigious CE mark
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