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Aurovue Multipiece Preloaded IOL

Aurolab With the proven technology, Aurovue Multipiece foldable IOL is manufactured from hydrophobic optic with PMMA haptics for optimal centration and stability. Ergonomically designed preloaded injector system for safe and controlled delivery of IOL. We are the first manufacturer launched Three Piece hydrophobic in preloaded system.


Features of Aurovue Multipiece:

  • Preloaded injector system for safe and easy handling
  • Monofocal, spherical IOL with PMMA haptic designed for better capsular stability
  • Suitable IOL for both sulcus and capsular bag implantation
Design Characteristics
Model Number HP3600P
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Overall Length 13.5 mm
Optic Design Bi-Convex
Haptic Design Modified 'C' loop
Angulation 5 Angulation
A Constant 118.4 (Optical)
118.2 (Ultra sound)
Theoretical AC Depth 5.2 mm
Diopter Range 10.0 to 15.0 in 1.0 D increment
15.0 to 25.0 in 0.5 D increment
25.0 to 30.0 in 1.0 D increment
Delivery System Disposable Preloaded Injector and Cartridge
Material Characteristics
Optic Material Hydrophobic Acrylic
Haptic Material PMMA
10% UV cut off 385 nm
Light Transmittance More than 90%
Glass Transition Temperature 8° C
Incision Size 3.2 mm
Refractive Index 1.47
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