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Aurovue VIVID

Introducing Aurovue VIVID, the brand new continuous range of focus vision made in India for the world.

Product Description

Aurovue Vivid is a CFV (Continuous Focus Vision) IOL, which mitigates the effects of presbyopia by providing an extended depth of focus, the lens provides improved intermediate and distance visual acuity without compromising on functional near vision.


Product Features

  • Aurovue VIVID empoyes Aurolab’s patented hybrid design lens technology that innovatively combines refractive and diffractive optical surfaces to provide a continuous range of vision that closely mimics the accommodative function of the natural lens
  • Aurovue Vivid employs Smooth Edge Technology to create smoother transition in resolution between near, intermediate and far distances- covering from functional near vision (40 cm) to distance (4M & beyond) without perceptible visual disturbances
  • IOL
  • 31% of the light energy distributed for diffractive zone remaining light energy distributed to Refractive
  • IOL
  • Aspheric optic provides excellent contrast sensitive in both mesopic and photic condition
  • Glistening free material, with a high ABBE number of 55 to provide excellent clarity and colour perception
  • Truedge Technology minimize the  chances of PCO
  • Preloaded delivery system - Avoids optical surface defects, avoid touching the optic and to have error free delivery of IOL into the bag

Procedure for use


Technical Specification:

Design Characteristics
Optic Diameter 6.00 mm
Overall Length 12.5 mm
Optic Design Hybrid diffractive & refractive design with zero aberration optic
Haptics Design Force enduring haptics
Convexity Biconvex
Angulation 3° Angulation
Square Edge 360° square edge
Haptic Design 360 degree square edge
A Constant 118.4 (Ultra sound)
118.7 (Optical)
ACD 5 mm
Diopter Range 10 to 30 in 1 D increment
15 to 25 in 0.5 D increment
Delivery System Disposable Preloaded Cartridge and Injector system with 2.8 mm incision
Material Characteristics
Lens Material Hydrophobic Acrylic
100% UV cut off 385 nm
Light Transmittance More than 90%
Clarity of the optic 99%
Haze of the optic : Less than 1.5%
Glass Transition Temperature 8° C
Refractive Index 1.47
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