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Cataract Products

An opacity of the lens of the eye or the membrane that covers it, causing impairment of vision or blindness which can be corrected by means of surgery.
Our products include,
Intraocular Lenses –       Artificial lens implants that bring back your vision after surgery
Surgical products   Aurovisc (HPMC), Aurogel (Sodium Hyaluronate), Aurogel Plus (Sodium Hyaluronate       1.6%w/v), Auroblue (Trypan blue) and Aurocarpine (Pilocarpine Nitrate) for intra operative         procedures
Blades –       Quality blades for intraoperative procedures
Sutures –       Wide range of quality cataract surgery sutures
Pegasus –       Phacoemulsification cum Vitrectomy System
Eye drops –       For complete Pre, Intra and Post operative care
Cataract surgery kit –       Aurokit for efficient cost control and inventory management
Tension Rings –       reinstates the bag in capsular dehiscent eye to minimise the risk of postoperative          capsular shrinkage.


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