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In an effort to lower the cost of necessary drugs, Aurolab created its Pharma Division in 1997 with the goal of becoming a constant and consistent source of high quality ophthalmic pharmaceuticals.

Aurolab has developed a wide range of ophthalmic drugs that are cost effective, especially in developing countries. The modern state-of-the-art pharmaceutical formulation facility produces Eye Drops, Retinal products, Viscoelastics, Ophthalmic Dyes and Antiseptics and Disinfectants.

Aurolab has received the prestigious CE mark certification for HPMC and Trypan Blue, Perfluoro-n-octane, Silicon Oil and Brilliant Blue G. The World Health Organization (WHO) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification was awarded to the division, confirming that all AUROLAB pharmaceutical products are made in compliance with international standards.
Retinal Products
Aurosil - Silicon Oil 1000cSt
Aurosil 1500 - Silicon Oil 1500 cSt
Aurosil Plus - Silicon Oil 5000 cSt
Auro Octane - Per Fluoro Octane
Aurocort - Triamcinolone acetonide
Aurogreen - Indocyanine Green
Ocublue Plus - Brilliant blue G solution
Retiblue - Trypan Blue
Flures - Fluorescein Injection
Cataract Surgical Products
Aurocoat - Sodium hyaluronate 2%w/v with Chondroitin sulphate 2%w/v

Aurocoat Plus - Sodium hyaluronate 3%w/v with Chondroitin sulphate 4%w/v

Aurogel - Sodium Hyaluronate 1.4% w/v

Aurogel Plus - Sodium Hyaluronate 1.6%w/v

Aurovisc - HPMC

Auroblue - Trypan Blue
Aurocarpine - Pilocarpine nitrate
Eye Drops
Eye Drops List
Vozole - Vozole for eye drops
Aurocaine - Proparacaine HCL
Auroprost RT - Latanoprost
T Prost - Travoprost
Antiseptics & Disinfectants
Auroscrub - Chlorhexidine gluconate solution
Aurorub - Chlorhexidine gluconate & 2-propanol solution
Aurodone DS – Provodine Iodine solution
Instruclean – Cetrimide & Chlorhexidine gluconate
Microl F - Benzalkonium chloride
Lidclean - Eyelid cleaning solution
Steri Rinse - Surgical Hand wash Solution
Special Products
E - Kit – Endophthalmitis Kit
Vozole PF – Anti Fungal Injection
Auroclean - Surface cleaning agent for spectacles
Cornisol - Corneal Storage Medium
Corniview - Corneal Tissue Viewer
Auromox - Moxifloxacin hydrochloride
Ribolink - Corneal cross-linking

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