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Intraocular Lens

Aurolab's IOL division was set up in the year 1992 with only 10 production staff to manufacture three piece PMMA intraocular lenses with technology transfer from USA. The dream of making the IOLs available at a price affordable for the rural patients was achieved when Aurolab delivered high quality IOLs at Rs.270/- per lens.
Subsequently aurolab invested and launched single piece PMMA IOLs in 1994. Over the years it built its reputation for consistent quality and ability to introduce new models as per the requirements of the ophthalmic surgeons. Low power IOLs, negative power IOLs, anterior chamber IOLs and scleral fixation IOLs and capsular tension rings were launched in regular intervals
In the year 1998 the IOL division received ISO certification and in 1999 received CE certification for its products. Both the certifications were first in the Indian IOL industry, which demonstrated our quality standard and quality consciousness.
In the year 2002 Aurolab introduced its hydrophilic acrylic IOL and in 2007 its Hydrophobic acrylic IOL, Aurovue. Today this division manufactures wide variety of IOLs including premium, new technology IOLs. Aurolab Lenses are exported to over 120 countries worldwide.
Along with is IOL manufacturing expertise, Aurolab also developed its designing capabilities. A refection of this capability was evident with the successful launch of 360 degree square edge design in PMMA lenses first and subsequently in hydrophilic and hydrophobic foldable IOLs, Negative aspheric design in foldable IOLs, modified CTRs and Keratoprosthesis.
Hydrophilic Foldable
Auroflex Toric
Auroflex EV- Negative Aspheric IOL
Hydrophobic Foldable
Speciality IOL
Truedge Aspheric - 360° square edge IOL
Aurogold - Yellow PMMA IOL
Auroped - Pediatric IOL
Single Piece
Three Piece  

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