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Auro K Pro

Auro KPro is an artificial cornea, used in cases of severe corneal opacity when a standard corneal opacity does not succeed.


Product Description:

An artificial cornea (keratoprosthesis) used to treat corneal opacity which provides good central vision.

Auro K pro design is similar to Boston Keratoprosthesis.

  • The KPro is made of clinical grade PMMA.
  • It consists of three parts,
    • The front part (front plate with stem).
    • The back plate.
    • The lock ring

Optical properties:

  • The KPros are manufactured to match the refractive need of the individual patient according to their lens status. (phakic /aphakic/ pseudophakic).
  • For the eye that is pseudophakic and therefore, approximately emmetropic, and where the IOL is left in place at surgery, a single standard power (45 D) is manufactured.
  • For aphakic eyes of different axial lengths, however, devices with varying degrees of power are made to allow a match to the patientís need as closely as possible.
  • Thus, the axial length of the individual aphakic patient is always requested from the surgeon to allow the choice of a KPro that theoretically matches the dioptric requirement of the eye to be operated.

Post operative outcome after keratoprosthesis:

  • Improved vision restricted to the center field.
  • Immediate recovery period.
  • Post op antibiotic usage throughout their life time.
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