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Eliminating needless blindness by making high quality ophthalmic products affordable and accessible to vision impaired world wide.


To address relevant societal healthcare needs in an exemplary and sustainable manner.

Core Values


We will pursue all our actions with in the legal frame work of whatever region we operate in internationally. We respect the law and follow the same in word and spirit. We will hold steadfast to the commitments made to suppliers, customers and technology partners alike

Innovative Solutions:

We believe innovation is the best way to address the societal needs today. We will work towards delivering impactful customer value through innovative solutions in products, processes and support etc.

Emerging Opportunities:

We will be open and eager to embrace new opportunities and challenges that come our way. Taking a step into the unknown confidently and making a successful venture shall be the guiding principle for Aurolab's future growth in diversified segments. This is a strait that is expected to establish Aurolab as a Model Enterprise.


We will strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. It shall reflect from house keeping to product development and from customer satisfaction to adopting IT to stay ahead.

Nurturing employees:

We understand that the strength of the organization and its growth depends on its employees and we will strive to nurture our employees to bloom to their full potential by providing opportunities for growth, taking additional responsibilities and being tolerant to their mistakes there by creating an environment to learn and shoulder responsibilities. We will remain a humane organization while achieving professionalism in work

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