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Aurolab is proud to introduce the Aurolab Phoenix, a cutting-edge Multispot Laser scanner designed to address the shortcomings of conventional PRP (Panretinal Photocoagulation). Experience improved outcomes, shorter treatment durations, and a patient-centric approach that enhanced comfort.

Phoenix - Multispot Laser

Highlights :

Our Aurolab phoenix has advanced laser technology offers flexibility to adapt to every patient's need:

  • Shortens Treatment Times: Multispot lasers allow for the simultaneous delivery of multiple spots in different pattern related to retinal areas.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Effective touch screen interface,semi-automated procedure with shorter pulse durations.
  • Minimizes Side Effects: Reduces patient discomfort, macular edema progression, and complications like vitreous haemorrhage.
  • Supports Selective Targeting: Precisely targets the retinal pigment epithelium leading to less scarring, minimizing photoreceptor loss and faster cell regeneration.
  • Safe green Wavelength (532-nm): Uses safe 532-nm wavelength, making it suitable for both macular and peripheral treatments
  • Ergonomic and easy use: Joystick, foot switch are comfort features built in for high control.
  • Maximizes conversion efficiencies: The laser minimizes heat generation on retina and choroid, reducing collateral thermal damage to healthy ocular tissues.
  • Three delivery system: The Multi-spot device has been designed to be compatible with Slit Lamp adaptor for both multi-spot & single spot applications, Laser indirect ophthalmoscope & endo porbes used for single spot treatment.
  • In-Built Expert System (eXs): Recommending the appropriate power to the surgeon.

Technical Specifications:

  • CLINICAL PROPERTIES : Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • MODEL : Aurolab Phoenix
  • SPOT SIZE : 100-500 m (with the step size of 100m).
  • SPOT DISTANCE : 200 m - Fixed for all the Patterns.
  • WAVELENGTH : Green: 532nm.
  • OUTPUT POWER : 25-2000mW with the step-size of 25mW.
  • OUTPUT TYPE :Continuous Wave.
  • EXPOSURE : 10-1000ms (single spot) with the step-size of 10ms. 10- 80ms (multi-spot) with the step-size of 5ms.
  • PULSE DURATION : 10-1000ms (single spot) with the Step-size of 10ms.
  • AIMING LASER : 635nm diode - < 1mW.
  • EMISSION PATTERN : Single Square Matrix (2x2, 3x3, 4x4.55) Circle Vertical Line, Horizontal Line, Rectangle. Triangle Line.
  • DIMENSIONS : Height: 145 mm | Width: 280 mm | Length: 315 mm.
  • WEIGHT : 9 kg.
  • DISPLAY : 10.1 inch Color LCD with Touchscreen Control Thermo electric cooling (peltier) and air cooled.
  • POWER SUPPLY : AC 90 to 240 V. 50/60 Hz.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION : Maximum 300W.


  • True color laser safety filter in all delivery systems, promising safety to surgeons.
  • Heat diffusion technology reduces collateral thermal damage to healthy ocular tissues.
  • Resonant Frequency : 38 KHZ to 42 KHZ
  • eXs assisted laser power and pulse duration optimize surgeon's operation & patient's vision outcomes.
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