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Aurolab - Quality Policy

“We shall strive for excellence in all our activities. We shall manufacture superior quality products and deliver on time with world-class service at competitive prices to achieve total customer satisfaction, through continuous improvement by team work.”

Quality and Certifications

Aurolab has always stayed committed to the promise of making no compromises on quality. Strict adherence to product quality is much more than a guiding philosophy; it’s rather a work culture in itself. Our processes are designed in such a way that our products exceed the standard quality specifications at all stages of production.

Quality Assurance System

A core quality assurance team has developed a proven quality system for the manufacturing processes, beginning with the selection of raw materials, handling the manufacturing process, maintenance of the manufacturing area, sterility validation, packaging and labeling, validating equipments etc. This team also develops guidelines, imparts adequate training and ensures compliance to standards and regulatory requirements.

Raw Materials

The raw materials used are sourced from reputed and trusted suppliers so that the product quality is ensured right from the first stage of production.

In Process

Quality checks at every stage of the production process are rigorously monitored and audits, both internal and external, are conducted at regular intervals. Customized non contact Measuring System is used to measure the product dimensions where contact measuring system cannot be used like cutting edges of surgical blades, needles etc.


The quality assurance system in place ensures that our products match and often exceed the strict specifications and requirements. Further, all the new products introduced by Aurolab undergo strict studies on biocompatibility and pass clinical trials before being introduced in the commercial market.

The certifications and appreciation received from various national and international organizations is a clear reflection of the high standards that we maintain in quality. In fact, Aurolab is the first Indian IOL manufacturer to get both ISO 9001 and CE certifications.

Aurolab practices globally acclaimed concepts like 5S and TQM in its work place to enhance productivity and to lower the costs.

Dr. David J Apple, the noted ophthalmologist made this observation on intraocular lenses in ‘Letters to Editor, Ophthalmology, (Vol. no. 6, June 1995)’: “Well made and polished lenses such as illustrated here (Aurolab) clearly meet and often exceed the standards of many lenses manufactured in the United States and European countries”

Our Global Recognitions


Product Certificates

Quality System Certificates

FDA - Silk Sutures Certificate Download ISO 13485
FDA - Nylon Sutures Certificate Download ICMED 13485
FDA - PGA Sutures Certificate
CE Certificate  
Injector CE Certificate
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