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Surgical Blades

Aurolab’s surgical Knives division was started in the year 2005 with a mandate to manufacture and supply surgical knives with good quality consistently and at prices affordable to developing countries. To this effect, Aurolab’s blade division introduced “Aurosharp” range of flat stock surgical knives to the Aravind Eye hospital first and then gradually to other markets. It manufactured wide range of knives needed for cataract and retinal surgery. Though the manufacturing process is labour intensive, some proprietary coatings on the knives provide smooth incision, enhancing the surgeons experience and meeting their high expectations. It achieved the stringent product quality CE mark certification for this range in the year 2010.
This division also launched a range of superior surgical knives, Nanocut, manufactured from highly automatedchemical etching process with matt finish. These knives compete with knives made in USA/Europe by offering high quality and lesser price, thereby enhancing the value for the buyer.
This division now plans to launch its range of round stock knives and also wafer thin knives for disposable use.
Nanocut - Premium round stock blades
Aurosleek - Tip Guarded blades with ultra thin profile

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