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Third i - Camera

High resolution integrated digital camera with beam splitter to capture details for eye examination


Features and Specifications

  • High resolution USB camera with Integrated beam splitter that fits to Laptop or desktop computer.
  • Third-I camera comes along with iCapture software to capture fine and crisp images and record videos.
  • Easy to use software user interface for organising images and patient information.
  • Sony 8 Mega pixel camera with USB interface with automatic exposure and automatic white balancing to generate clear images without saturation on maximum illumination.
  • Also available in HDMI variant to stream live video to monitors.

i CAPTURE Software

  • Organized patient data management for easy retrieving of existing images on patient follow-up.
  • Built in video and image viewer
  • Comment field to enter diagnostic notes
  • Generate reports on printable PDF format or export to DICOM format to transfer images between PCs
  • Live preview of videos streams from camera to monitor
  • Pre-defined capture modes
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