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Volk Lenses

BIO Lenses and Slit Lamp Lenses:

Most popular lens for general BIO exams.

Most popular lens for examination at the slit lamp and great for small pupils.

Gonio Lenses:

Gonioscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed to evaluate the health of the anterior chamber angle.

Retina Laser Lenses:

High magnification views of the posterior pole for performing Focal Grid Laser procedures.

The SuperQuad allows wide field viewing all the way out to the ora serrata for detailed examination and treatments.

Anterior Laser Lenses:

Iridotomy is used to treat Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma (PACG) and ClosedAngle Glaucoma.

Surgical Lenses:

Ideal for retinal detachments and giant retinal tears.

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